The Heroine Project Presents aims to enable audiences to engage emotionally, intellectually and imaginatively with history through a mixture of performance, discussion and educational activities.


‘Over the Top’ is was accompanied by heritage engagement activities developed in collaboration with arts and heritage specialists ‘Now Heritage’ CIC, in partnership with Wiltshire-council museums consortium ‘Wiltshire at War’, and funded by the Chalke Valley History Festival Trust and by Wiltshire council’s Corsham Local Youth Network.

These heritage engagement activities have created an ongoing legacy for 'Over the Top' and will reach an estimated 200,000 people over the next 5 years


Further information about our partners 'Now Heritage' HERE


Changing perceptions, long term.

The Heroine Project Presents are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Historical Association (HA), which has commissioned us to make 3 short films for their website, to be included in a downloadable scheme of work available to KS3 history teachers who subscribe. This scheme of work, entitled ‘How far does the First World war cast a shadow on the world I live in?’ seeks to enable Key Stage 3 pupils to gain a more complex, global and diverse perspective of the First World War. Broadcast to the HA website’s 32, 487 subscribers, and reaching an estimated 180,000 students over the next 5 years, the HA films are a legacy for ‘Over the Top’ that will contribute to the change in the attitudes which prompted us to undertake this project in the first place. 

Further information about the 'Historical Association' HERE



Creating a lasting legacy for Dorothy, in the county that she came from.


The Wiltshire at War: Call to Arms exhibition is the first of five themed displays that are touring museums, libraries and community venues throughout Wiltshire between 2015 and 2019. The five themed displays have been put together by members of the Wiltshire museums and heritage community and they form a key part of the Heritage Lottery funded Wiltshire At War: Community Stories project.  

In partnership with Now Heritage, The Heroine Project Presents has created new content for the back of Exhibition no. 1. The back of the exhibition is the literal and metaphorical space that Dorothy's unusual story occupies, and offers an intriguing alternative narrative to the more recognisable depictions of Wiltshire at war on the front. This new content will take up the two outer panels: the first panel will outline Dorothy's story and will share the evidence connecting her with Wiltshire. The second panel will be a space for 'postcards to Dorothy' - inviting the public to reflect and make a personal connection with this overlooked person and what she did. We will collect postcards from each audience that sees the theatre show, and keep a set of blank postcards with the exhibition to invite further contributions.


'Embodied History': getting under the skin of the past through performance and play


A workshop series was run alongside the performance of 'Over the Top' at The Pound arts centre in March with young people from the area. In October we created a one-off site specific youth theatre show for Corsham Town Hall to commemorate it's centenary as a First World War field hospital.  'Corsham Concert Party' was a collaboration with The Pound arts centre, with Corsham Commemorates community heritage organisation, and with street theatre specialists The Natural Theatre Company.



Each performance of 'Over the Top' was followed by a structured half-hour discussion of the theatre-making process and the research that has informed it. Audience members will be invited to contribute their responses to Dorothy's story and the issues that it raises to the Wiltshire at War exhibition.